Wednesday, September 28, 2016


          Rec: Lott, “Perfect is Dead”; Goodman, Sonic Warfare; Arnheim,  Radio; Voegelin, “Noise” in Towards a Philosophy of Sound ArtAdorno, Current of Music

On the Virtuality of the Digital

Jarzombek, “Onto-Formation” Ch 2 in Digital Stockholm Syndrome; Berry, “The  Computational Turn

Rec: Carr, Glass Cage

Lane, “The Technological System of Objects”; 
Adorno, “The Curves of the Needle

Thurs Sept 22 The Hallelujah Effect


Performing Desire and 'Recording Consciousness' on Facebook and YouTube 


The Printed Word

Illich, “Reading Toward Wisdom,” Ch. 1 in In the Vineyard of the Text; Jarzombek, “Onto-Modeling,” Ch 4 in Digital Stockholm Syndrome
Rec: Hall, “The Future of the Book”; Wark, The Hacker Manifesto”; Kittler, “The World of the Symbolic”

The Seduction of the Book, Media Studies, and the Digital Realm

Postman, “The Judgment of Thamus;  Jarzombek, “Being-Global,” Ch 1 in: Digital Stockholm Syndrome
Rec: Kittler, “Gramophone, Film, Typewriter”

Media, Memory, and Liberation

Plato's Phaedrus