Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Digital Thurs Dec 1 Digital Philosophy: From Blogging about Philosophy to Gaming (which will be next week's class)

Babich and Bateman: Last of the Continental Philosophers

as of 6 Dec. 2016 

Babich and Bateman: What is Continental Philosophy?

Interactive Assignment in two parts

Part One
Please follow the above link, and after reading the discussion on Chris Bateman's blog, add some brief reflections in the comments section of the blog. Please keep comments relevant to the topics discussed there.

Part Two
Secondly, please return to this blog page and (in the comments section below), kindly offer a brief response to one or all of the following questions on digital media and philosophy. 

The dialogue form has been part of philosophy since Plato but what difference, if any, does online conversation make? What difference would a face-to-face conversation make (or not make)? Given Illich's and Postman's and so many others remarks on print media, does the digital change a thing?  

Besides the chance for interactive engagment what does the digital mediatization of philosophy entail and what is its working 'effect' (cue here Heidegger on the 'working' of the artwork, Benjamin's aura or The Halleluia Effect, The Interface Effect, all sundry other effects?) 

You are invited to add any other further reflection you might like.

Richard J. Lane, “The TechnologicalSystem of Objects” (from Lane, Jean Baudrillard (Taylor & Francis 2008 [2000])
Chris Bateman’s Blog: http://blog.ihobo.com/  

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Mon Nov 14 Baudrillard: Object and Simulacra

Baudrillard, “Requiem for the Media” in The Intelligence of Evil                                                  

McGonigal, Reality isBroken

Friday, October 28, 2016